Grade 6 - Large-Numbers

(Sample Online worksheet)

Choose correct answer(s) from given choice

1)The wheat yield for the year 2005 was 1495734 kgs and the yield for 2006 was 3208294 kgs. By how many kilograms did the yield increase in 2006?
a. 2025830 b. 940626
c. 1712560 d. 1295347
2)The sum of two numbers is 2982464. If one of the addends is thrice the other addend, then the smaller addend is
a. 2236848 b. 745616
c. 746310 d. none of these
3)Three schools take part in a campaign to raise funds for eradicating Illiteracy. School 1 raises Rs 3518412 as part of the campaign. School 2 raise s Rs 1827212. School 3 raises Rs 1250142. The total amount raised by all three schools is Rs :
a. 6595766 b. 7459365
c. 411566 d. 8483282
4)The sum of two number is 1145760. If one of the addends is 508874 greater than the other addend, then what is the value of the larger addend?
a. 827317 b. 636886
c. 318443 d. 1654634
5)The numbers to be added in an addition question are called
a. Adders b. Values
c. Addends d. Sums

Fill in the blanks

6)The diifference of the place value and the face value of 0 in 4081762 is
7)Fill in the empty boxes
- 8

- 67300

- 165

- 289

8)The difference between ninety lakh ninety-eight thousand eight hundred thirty-two and seven lakh two thousand eight hundred fifty-eight is
9)8495424 is greater than 7682984 by
10)The difference in the place values of the two 8s in the number 418587 is .
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